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BCPeabody has served as the decision makers and leaders in the contracting field for many years - we know the policies, the law, and the people.  While we are not attorneys, we have on staff experts in contractual regulations and policy which enables us to provide unmatched expertise in contractual matters.  While there are times when a lawyer is required, often we find a timelier and less expensive solution.  We are world-class problem solvers: BCPeabody will quickly assess the situation and get results.  To ensure success, you need experts in Federal and State Acquisition Regulations.  BCPeabody provides that expertise; helping you take the right steps, in the right order, at the right time, with the right proposal.

Are you a bottom line kind of company?  We get there fast.  Our objective is the same as yours; to gain fair contractual decisions, whether it is a request for a contracting officer’s decision, an equitable adjustment or a claims action.  Contractual issues can consume leadership's time. We provide a one stop solution center.  We are contractors ourselves, allowing us to make your case; far better than many other “industry experts with no field experience.” We understand the importance of time and momentum to a contractor and work tirelessly to get resolution of your issue. During the process, we work in partnership, not in conflict, with contracting officers to shepherd your project through the process.

BCPeabody has the knowledge and experience to gain the best solution possible for our clients.  We know the system – inside and out.  Our experts have spent most of their professional lives establishing our reputations in Federal Agencies.  We guard our reputation jealously – our policy is honest dialog with all parties.  We will work closely with you and/or your consultants efficiently as possible to work towards a positive resolution.  Our experts are on staff, increasing the flexibility of our responsiveness.

We provide the very best service to clients who are committed to achieving an ethical solution in a timely manner, who truly understand and appreciate the experience and expertise we bring to the table.  With BCPeabody’s involvement, success comes sooner, with more certainty, and with far fewer hassles. Call us today, time is money.