In 2008, BCPeabody secured its own bonding capability and began to deliver construction projects as well as design build services for total project delivery.  We can handle any size project; we have bonded jobs as large as $10M.  We provide construction services to clients in all markets including government and commercial industries, with a strong emphasis on the healthcare industry.  A hallmark of our firm is our ability to deliver responsive and resourceful solutions for our clients. We have an extremely talented staff and partner with a large stable of subcontractors and other industry professionals who share our values.
At BCPeabody, we bring large firm capability with small firm flexibility to our projects.  With our extraordinary depth of talent, creativity and technical skills, we function like a full-service architecture, engineering, and construction management firm.  As you peruse through the numerous types of projects we have been privileged to complete, please consider the advantages of using a company as powerful as the big expensive companies in ability, yet small enough to provide custom personal attention.

We can handle any size project, as we have bonded jobs as large as $10M.  Our specialized expertise in so many different areas, allows us to offer amazing capability at a great value.  BCPeabody epitomizes the definition of “best value.”  We place particular emphasis on professionalism throughout each of our projects and embrace a partnering mentality.  Attention to detail and a disciplined approach to schedule and budget has solidified our position as an industry leader.

    Renovations and Additions
    Environmental Subcontractor
    Tenant Remodeling
    Marine Construction Dredging
    Heavy Horizontal Construction
    Vertical Construction
    Certified Project Management
    Plumbing Subcontracting
    Electrical Subcontracting