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Project success, why did it happen?  A great superintendent? An outstanding subcontractor?  There are many additional possible reasons, but more often than not the project was successful due to proper planning at the project start; as they say “first impressions are hard to overcome.”  BCPeabody offers a wide variety of Pre-Construction Services which help firms get started on the right track.

You have heard the horror stories of firm's Federal contracts, why go at it alone?  We offer services that begin before contract award.  We provide bid preparation services from complete bid preparation or just a final review or any hybrid in between.  Our team has been on the other side of the table countless times, we know what right looks like.

We have harnessed our government experience and offer services as owner’s representatives. Again our clients have found that having a massive amount of experience on both sides of the contract is invaluable.  We are confident our services will more than pay for themselves.  You will want us on your side, it takes a lot of the risk out of the contract when you have professional advisors. Let’s talk and see if we can work something out.

After the award we also offer services in preparing all the submittals required by the agencies.  Safety plans, site plans, schedule preparation and more, we do all those administrative submittals that if not done right will delay project start and hurt your first impression and your bottom line.  We do it right the first time because we have spent years approving those plans in our previous careers. 

Our last service has been used by some of the larger firms, we offer services as a project start team.  BCPeabody personnel go on site pre-mobilization for a project and help you set up your systems for that job.  This enables your team members to focus on the construction portion of the job and arrive on site with everything laid out per your plan.  Obviously this service is not for the small project done by the local GC, but several larger firms have used us in just this manner – it works amazingly well, talk about a great first impression, money well spent.  Give us a call if you are interested.