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After years of experience working in the Federal System, BCPeabody was founded to help firms struggling to navigate the Federal Systems.  Established in 2006 as a three person company offering specialized advice and assistance, our successes and plain old fashioned hard work have allowed us to strategically grow and expand our services and expertise.  BCPeabody now provides complete environmental services from field work to permit issuance.  We have worked for some of the State's largest developers and builders as well as government entities.   

If you already have a permit and the Agencies are doing “enforcement action” against you and you just want to be certain they don’t have the opportunity, give us a call we can help.

Based in Florida where the entire economy hinges on weather and the environment, having a vision for future growth is essential.  BCPeabody has taken a leadership approach to that growth through sustainable construction practices.  We did not stop there however.  The Governor of Florida selected our President and CEO, Bob Carpenter, to serve on the Century Commission for a Sustainable Florida.   Bob was one of only twelve businessmen in the entire State appointed to sit on the Commission!  The Century Commission, working with cabinet officials, was tasked with laying out a strategic plan for the next 50 years for Florida and provided several reports to the Legislature.  These reports helped guide the Legislature to a better understanding of the second and third order effect of current legislative actions on Florida.  Mr. Carpenter was a vocal champion of sustainable growth and environmental balance on the commission.

BCPeabody understands that environmental sustainability is always a consideration in construction.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has become the green standard in building design and construction.  Mr. Carpenter is a certified LEED Accredited Professional.   He has the experience of managing, designing and building LEED certified projects.  We take this program seriously and are constantly looking for ways to improve our world with sustainable building practices.