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  Government Entitlements

Everybody has heard the expression “time is money” and indeed it is true.  Time counts when you are trying to optimize your investments, BCPeabody has the knowledge to gain the permits and entitlements you need.   Dealing with the Government entitlement process can be one of the most exasperating experiences of a lifetime, the process has never been known for speed.  BCPeabody can help ease your frustration.  Here is why; at one point in his military career, our CEO Bob Carpenter was the instructor for environmental regulatory training for all new District Commanders in the Corps of Engineers.  In his final assignment he oversaw and ruled on more permit actions than anyone in the country!  We know the system – inside and out - many of us have been the decision makers and leaders in the field. With BCPeabody, we can give you the solution at the beginning of the process, not after years of trial and error like other consultants.  Our involvement provides value added in doing things right the first time, with a watchful eye on schedule and budget, BCPeabody can bring your successful future into reality.
Mr. Carpenter complemented this knowledge with other regulatory experts from the Corps of Engineers and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to provide unparalleled services.  Our clients have found there is a major advantage to having a BCPeabody team member on their side.  Our knowledge of the internal regulatory rules and regulations often makes the difference between issuance and denial. 

Let me tell you about one of our successes.  I imagine you were expecting a story in Florida but no, this victory occurred north of the Mason Dixon line.  Our expertise is not limited to Florida.  The Borough of Carteret, NJ utilized our services as they wanted to construct a public marina with direct access through a shipping channel to the Atlantic Ocean.   The New York District denied the permit and the Borough called us.  We immediately sprang to action and appealed the decision.  The Regional Commander agreed with our appeal and told the District to rework the permit application.  Working closely with District personnel, BCPeabody was able to successfully address the numerous agency and public concerns with the project. The District ultimately reversed their original position and made a favorable decision as well as reducing the mitigation cost significantly in the process.  The Borough is going to get their new marina!

Our firm knows the science, policies, and the law.  We can help you develop a project that meets your vision along with the needs of the environment correctly the first time.  Your project will get entitled sooner, with fewer hassles; we have the experience to make it happen!
We can do it for you too - give us a call and let’s talk.